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We will love to hear from you testtest. For custom purchasing of Bronzes, questions relating to the art of Benin bronze casting and other related issues, send a mail to nfl commissioner on controversial suspensionPainful as it was, Hughey often did the math. During the more than many draft analysts have thanks to years’ […]

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Benin Bronze

Benin is a website dedicated to Bronze Sculptures from the Great Benin Kingdom.         The bronzes came into limelight after the British Punitive Expedition of 1897. The palace of the King of Benin was pillaged, the ceremonial artworks carted away, the city burnt and made desolate, with the King (Oba Ovonranmwen) sent to […]

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Benin Bronze Casting

Benin Bronze is cast using the “Lost Wax” method of Bronze making. Benin bronzes are part of a history of cheap NFL jerseys “Court Art”. This implied that the artworks were made by artists who were commissioned by the King. Their works were made at the request of the King, for the King and the […]

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