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Benin Bronze Plaque Oba Ohen Plaque


Product Description

Bronze plaque of an Oba with two attendants.
This plaque is made of bronze, by the father of Omorodion, master bronze caster from Igun Quarters in Benin City. Oba Ohen was the King of Benin City in the 14th Century. He was a powerful king, but became paralyzed later on. The sculpture shows him in the middle, with his hands been held by two palace guards. His legs have been converted into mud-fish. This was to show that he had become half man, half deity. The mud-fish, frogs, crocodiles are animals that are connected with the spirits of the water.

Dimensions: U shaped, 25cm height, 25cm width
Cast period: (20th Century)

The coronation of the new King of Benin Kingdom takes place this October. Join in the celebration of hundreds of years of cultural richness and artistic excellence. Purchase this sculpture and help sustain the art of Bronze casting from the Ancient Kingdom of Benin City.

Shipping takes between 3 days and 2 weeks to arrive at your address. It’s recommended to use Express Post (DHL). However, there is EMS and also sending by Registered Post from the local Post Office.

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