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Left Out


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Painting by Clifford Akpe (Ghana, 2015)
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 40 inch by 28 inch

This painting evokes strong emotions. It expresses the sad reality of poverty. At break-time, the kids can be seen playing football. The joys and excitement of being in School.

Sadly, separated by the wooden fence, the girl is left out. She can only watch the thrills, the movements, the energy that comes with break-time fun.

She is stuck, having to sell tomatoes, while watching her peers get an education. While the sun shines on the school field, her future looks clouded and bleak.

The painting is a wake-up call, a challenge for us to do more. For the millions of children in West Africa, who cannot afford an education. Who are victims of Child labor, a direct consequence of poverty.

The fence though made of wood, is actually money. The separation line being payment of School fees. This piece of artwork is in line with the Michelle Obama’s “Let Girls Learn” initiative. It’s a dedication to the over 62 million girls mostly in Africa that are unable to be in school.

The Artist, Clifford Akpe is one of the pioneering artists in Cape coast, Ghana in West Africa. Cape coast has a strong history as having one of the biggest castles from where slaves were shipped to the USA and Europe.

Clifford is an activist who expresses himself with his brush and canvas. He lives in a community where girl-child education is low, teenage pregnancy levels high and gender inequality a big problem. He is active in the fight against discrimination, xenophobia and uses his works to campaign for education.

Purchase this oil painting today for $400 and support the cause.

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